1. Is Mystery Really Complex?

Mystery is a generic concept of all the problems which human mind cannot perceive or cannot build logic or theory to explain it. It may sound complex but it is not at all complex. It is just that people who try to resovle it, develop such definitions that mystery appears very – very complex. The behavior of the mystery is similar to a ‘Young Beautiful Girl’ who knows that she is beautiful and boys will chase to get hold of her. Thus she develops skills to attract them, make them to chase her but finally she does not fall in hands of her chasers. Mystery behaves exactly like that.

Do anything, develop concepts, become innovative, propose solutions but still it illudes everyone. Anything we refer as mystery behaves the same. Like Life, which every one calls as mystery since it seems perplex. But in reality life is simple. Simpler an individual becomes simpler his life will be. Thus same individual masters the ‘Art of Living’ and no more complexities remain with him. Hence mystery start unfolding itself. Why? Because now there is no support for it to remain wrapped. Thus it has no option but to unveil itself. The clips, to keep it clustered, are nothing but efforts by group of individuals to unfold it by use of arguments, logics or mathematical facts. Every logic or mathematical fact when written down as part of understanding mystery it just adds another fold and hence the complexity involved seems to increased by atleast one more fold.

1 thought on “1. Is Mystery Really Complex?”

  1. The word MYSTERY itself is a big mystery. I have never understood this word. This is a vicious circle, the more you try to solve the more complex it become. The best is to forget about this and start living a simple life. Enjoy what is coming, wipe the past and don’t dream for the future.

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