WHY writing?

Writers are born with talent and are loaded with creative thoughts. It is easy for them to find the words to dedicate their work to loving ones. Moreover, writing is considered as noble. Hence, there is no doubt youth in his effervescence will be pulled towards it. So, I imagined it very fascinating and  got intrigued by it.

My Struggle

But, just having a dream and being born without talent started the struggle. I  grabbed every pen hoping it would be my ‘Magical Wand’ and hoping by just flick of wrist I will start writing I only managed to paint sheets of ‘Blank Paper’ with random drops of Ink. I never had continuity to capture all ‘Random Thoughts’ in continuity of one string.

And one fine moment…

I looked at ‘heavens’ asking question why I cannot write? And I was answered with ‘continuity’. I was just a medium and ‘Source’ was ‘Someone Else’. At that moment I realized whatever I asked for started to reach me in ‘Tons”. And thus, writing became passion for me to dedicate my writings to ‘My Guru – Dhan Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji‘ with all the gratitude I could find by ‘His Grace’.

The Journey

The Journey: Traveller With in

‘Who says Lucifer is “Fallen Angel”. I am “The Fallen One”. Till I won’t do any ‘Manthan’ (Vigorous Introspection) how the ‘Kaalkoot'(Evil residing in me) will surface. And how ‘Shiva, The Auspicious One’ will rise to consume it.’

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What Is An Indian

What Is an indian?

“Indian is not an individual but a set of traits. Indian does not imply an individual or group but it signifies the whole nation united as one. An Indian will be the last human to live on this planet.

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Man is a thought: a scientific and theological journey to space of thoughts

“A man is an oscillation of an image of thought in Real Time Space.”

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